Questions about land claim

Game mode: Official pvp
Problem: Possible Grief on a server
Region: NA

Before I go through and report a clan for “land claiming” what exactly would be breaking the "no land claim rule? The clan in question has a base built in one of the small temples in the jungle. They have walls and vaults outside (which is obviously fine) but they have spam going up half the buildable trees in the jungle and they have foundation spam all around the jungle including both obelisks.

Is this considered breaking the rules? If not I wont waste an admins time

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Hi @ClickClackMeow, depending on the size of claim spam (vertical doesn’t factor as much as horizontal) our team may be able to intervene if deemed excessive, which is determined on a case-by-case basis that not only contemplates land coverage, but also the amount of NPC spawns and resources blocked.

Ideally, if you could provide us with a few screenshots in your report, we would be able to give you a more precise answer. To do so, please follow the steps detailed below:


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