Questions and Concerns about Conan Exiles selling 100% of its shares to tencent

Since Funcom is selling most of its (Conan Exiles Shares) to Tencent does that mean that the game is getting rid of single player/private servers? Does this mean that Funcom in the foreseeable future will be adding paid subscriptions/loot boxes/and/paid dlc content that will be more than just cosmetic dlc? As an Early Access player of this title I would like to know the direction this game is going in, so I know if the content that was paid for will soon be locked behind a pay wall of subscriptions, loot boxes, and, paid dlcs that add in game content (not cosmetic only content as I was told it would be when the game came out of early access.)

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SO they aren’t handing it over to them for Tencent to develop and run, it doesnt work that way, it will still likely be the same dev team and Funcom will still exist, It’s just that Tencent will hold decision making power, in most situations like this when a big group like Tencent acquires a smaller company they don’t just start changing things drastically, that is bad business. If it works don’t fix it. Likely they will still allow Funcom freedom to do their thing but what it will do is unlock capital and resources that Funcom wouldn’t otherwise have access to alone.

So while it may seem scary to some, it really could do a lot of good for the game. Don’t expect them to radically change the pay structure and totally alter the game, while they very well could do that if they wanted to, it would be stupid for them to do so as they wouldnt want to chase away the player base like that. Companies like Tencent don’t get to the size they are by being stupid when it comes to business… Tencent owns stakes in tons of games already, most of the time when acquisitions like this take place the end user won’t even notice. It will still be FUncom running the game but they will just fall underneath Tencents umbrella now.

EDIT: now if it were EA that they sold shares to it would be a whole diffirent story and then I would have said that you should say your goodbyes to the game now, but Tencent are not EA. Everything EA touches turns to :poop:

Pretty much this. Game developers may change publishers, which may lead to a disaster or it may change nothing whatsoever. They may be bought out by investors, who may start milking out short-term profits at the expense of the longevity of their product, or they might keep everything as it used to be because they bought a product they believed would be profitable as is.

There are enough cautionary examples in the gaming world that discussions like this are understandable, but change in ownership doesn’t automatically mean change in everything (or anything) else.

Holy shet yes indeed.

No way. Why would they do something as monumentally stupid as that?

No, no and yes. Depending on how one sees a map DLC, it could qualify as cosmetic or not, though I can’t see how it would be worth purchasing if it didn’t offer anything significant enough to label it “non-cosmetic”.

So far we know next to nothing about what the future will bring, but people are IMO blowing the “games as a service” thing way out of proportion, especially since Conan Exiles is already a GaaS title.

There’s no reason to suspect they’ll change what is supposedly a winning formula with the DLC model for this game. I’d be more worried if I was a Dune fanatic looking forward to that game - don’t get me wrong, I like the universe/stories and will check it out once it drops, unless the sales model turns me off from the get-go (free-to-play being an absolute no-go for me for example).

@Mikey he knows all this already. He’s made this thread for attention, he already posted all of this on a different thread and got the same responses. He doesn’t want to hear from you or me, our answers aren’t good enough. He wants to hear from the big man Steve Funcom about this, and anything less will not do

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Speak for yourself, Sir. I, for absolutely sure, can foresee that the community tower I’m building as an alternate gateway to the North on my server will soon be complete! :stuck_out_tongue:

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