Quick question for the ps4 version

It been a while since I played the game since I traded in my physical copy months back, but now got the game with ps plus. I don’t know what happened and if this is the right place for this, but I can’t get the partial nudity to work since I’m on the ps4 in the us and I went into the settings and turned partial nudity on and reloaded the game and now I am stuck with the cloth top on my female character and can’t remove it. So was topless women removed from the us ps4 version or should I delete my save and start again since I did have the save file from months ago saved on my ps4?

@crazyec24 Try turning on partial nudity from the menu, if you don’t notice a visual change, Bewwbs, then try to restart it.

As a last resort before recreating a save game. try switching over to multiplayer and seeing if the partial nudity works there.

Same thing as before, be sure to switch over to the partial nudity option as it saves from single player.

I figured it out, I was looking in the wrong part of the menu.

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