Race/Gender paid change?


Ive seen people talk about race/gender changes, like WoW(dirty word), but ive never seen an official response from FC about it.

Would it be technically possible to implement?

Starting from scratch on a new character just because i dont fancy the gender/race/apperance choice anymore seems counterintuitive, atleast if it was an easy implementation that FC could make money on.


There have been official responses - a long time ago.
Of course it is technically possible, but major changes to character appearance post-creation would apparently be quite difficult to add to AoC - so don’t expect it to ever happen.



Having seen the impact of skin color change that just overlayed your original skin color instead to replace it you would eventually end up as a she-male :joy:


The way character creation works makes this next to impossible. I wouldn’t feel right doing it unless we also offered a way to tweak all the values, which makes it a much more complicated task.

Also, changing race would break destiny quests and that would have to be accounted for as well.


thanks for the response. I always assumed it was technically demanding, like you say, and not really worth the effort.

Thanks anyhow :slight_smile:


Absolutely. :slight_smile:


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