Raid tonight T1 (maybe T2) Wednesday 28th Nov

Greetings all :slight_smile:

We are hosting a raid tonight on Saga, and we hope we will get enough people to finish T1 and T2. You can already now reserve a spot in this thread, or contact Medevac or Balli ingame.

Looking forward to see you all.

20:00 Wednesday, Germany, France
19:00 Wednesday, England
22:00 Wednesday, Russia
14:00 Wednesday, New York, NY, USA
11:00 Wednesday, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Please be online ~15 minutes early!

Countdown timer:

Team so far:
Medevac, Tos
Balli, Pom
Barillo, Hox
Alaric, Barb
Nortur, Demo
Pompeya, Hox
Skoped, Ranger
Ryzena, Conq
Zeed, Demo
Mysa, Barb
Santaclaus, Ranger
Istthiix, Guard
Matrix, Necro
Tamit, Tos
Funym, Pom
Dramaqueen, Ranger
Suelhn, Barb
Nightfire, Barb
Foton, Pom
Guise, Guard
Purgenum, Necro
Zima, BS
Misafiria, BS
Bruutus, Barb
Raane, Necro
Dame, DT
Cocolino, BS

People who MAYBE can join:
Hyurl, Conq
Kriemhild, DT


Best of luck

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if you’d decide to run one on weekends ill gladly join. wish you luck though.

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Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Will let you know, we might do a T2 later.

And thanks to all for a nice T1 tonight. Was fun to do again :slight_smile:


Thanks all for joining, was good fun!


How’d it all go? I popped in to snoop on y’all a couple times this afternoon but couldn’t do much beyond that today.

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What a cheeky one! hahaha You should have joined us :wink: Maybe you could join us on the next raid?

Yahkmar and Vistrix went very smooth and nice, but Kyllikki mobs were a bit of a clown fiesta, too many pulls, but, it was fun !


Would love to join if you run during weekend.

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