Raided while sever was down for my whole clan

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I tryed to get in all day started and reset game several times checking 4 updates but official 3578 wouldn’t show up then i get on this morning and its back and all my stuff has bn blown up and raided but how the server was down till after 1 am

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

The server was up at some point.

Check the log I think there is a time stamp (not 100% on that).
This is also the danger of Official servers. If you don’t like being offline raided then I would suggest you look for a Private server with active admins that use PvP times and do not allow offline raiding.

That still doesn’t tell me y i couldnt find it on the list even after restarting my system theres a difference between getting raided during raid time every other time they tryed we destroy them this time it was like we were booted from the server till the next day bc we all tryed to get on but there was no server to get on

My server wasn’t showing up either I had to refresh several times still no server. I then went threw list and it was there just not flagged as a favorite. For some reason it fell off my favorite list