Random deaths on siptah

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE rented
Region: US Dallas
Hardware: Xbox Series X and Xbox One

So I rented a server for me and my friends to play on siptah and everything was fine until today. It started with one of my friends logging into the server and it made him create a new character as it deleted his level 40 character luckily we made a clan so I just re-added him to it and he could access all his supplies so he just has to get his levels back. Then in the afternoon it started to randomly kill some of my friends. The first logged out for an hour came back got on and he loaded in and died instantly he was in his base and had full food and water before logging out and there were no enemies inside his base. The second was just out gathering resources and was chopping down and tree and dropped dead from full HP wasn’t a lack of food or water and there were no enemies attacking him. The third was on the beach going to the merchant village up north and again just dropped dead from full HP no lack of food or water. In all 3 of these instances it didn’t drop their inventory so they weren’t able to get back what they lost and it didn’t say what killed them they just spawned back on their beds. It didn’t happen to me yet but we decided to just take a break for the day as it was frustrating. I’m on a Xbox Series X and haven’t been affected by it yet my friends are on Xbox One X’s and S’s. I honestly can’t describe how to recreate it as they all happend in different areas at different times and the game didn’t provide the death description just asked where they wanted to Spawn.

I don’t own an Xbox, so take what I have to say with a grain of salt perhaps.

First, this isn’t an issue that I’m aware of that occured at any point on PC in the 8 months Siptah was going through it’s early access period. So that makes me go hmmm.

Second is, it’s happening to one person out of all the friends? If I were your friend, I would go through the process of doing a fresh install of the game, or repair methods available on Xbox (whatever those are. On PC it’s a verification of files).

No it happened once to each of the three of them at different times under different circumstances. I’m honestly pretty baffled by it.

Can you run a validation on the server files or have Gpotato look into it?

I created a ticket with gportal already haven’t heard back yet but I’m new to renting servers so how would I validate the files

I would believe there is an option to run SteamCMD

Hello @Hellscythe, did any of you verify the Event Log for the cause of death?

Is your private server being restarted at least once every 24 hours?

I never used to need to restart the server everyday it just started with isle of siptah but I did try restarting it and checked for updates on it as well and deaths weren’t showing in the log.

It’s advisable to restart servers at least once per day to prevent issues such as desync (which affects timers, spawners, AI, and other actors) and ensure optimal stability and performance.

If the issue persists or returns after following this procedure, you should reach out to G-Portal so that they can verify the integrity of the server files.

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