Siptah serve 7050 keeps crashing…

Server 7050 keeps crashing… it’s a Siptah server … is everyone having these problems or is it a 7050 thing only? We suspect some players of nefarious activity but wanted to see if everyone else is crashing constantly today?

exact same thing with server 6000 siptah

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seems like all the siptah servers are unstable. My server is either not on the list or as soon as it shows up I try to connect and fail and then its gone again

that weird i was able to play for one hour on one official siptah server who was stable, the other one keep crashing cosntantly.

aand by the way i talk about pc servers.

well i start to think this is may be linked to some very illegal structure, servers that seems stable are servers where seem to be only normal players, servers unstable seems to be those kind of servers where we see a lot of unusual players using forbidden stuffs.

I ended up moving off it and onto a different one. Seems some siptah servers are more stable than others.

PVE Server 2130 on Siptah crashes a lot too.

Edit to add: Two server crashes in a row got a level ten or eleven Sonja The Accursed killed by Stygians at Heretic Haunt, and the second crash and server restart deleted Sonja’s corpse and loot. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Since the chapter 4 update our Siptah server 7057 disconnects constantly and then the server disappears for lengthy periods. You join back and it kicks you and disappears again. Can’t play for more than 5 minutes at a time.

Same on 7051 I noticed it happens a lot more when the storm is active or when going to you’re base

Also on 2505

7050 here. It is the server as it crashes even if i am the only one on.

Please turn off decay timers!! Must be less than 2 days left on base

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