Rat Catcher Device?

Hello Exiles

So I turn my head for one minute and now there’s some kind of rat whistle in the game??

What the heck is this thing? Where do you get it??

There are absolutely no videos on You Tube about it (hint Wak4863).



Finish the Beastmaster journey step and it’s the reward. You can call a rat. Seriously.


its just spawn new type of pet (decorative)
you cant command it or else, it just running around, maybe its a hint for future updates when we get decorative pets, or total pet system revamp (Age of Beasts).

Unless they fixed it from Testlive you can’t interact with it (at all) after placing, so take care where you put it.

And how is that not cool? :laughing:

Easy, I can’t feed my pet to finish it :roll_eyes:

It’s small. It’s furry. It’s a rat.


I tested this pet rat in public beta test and after placing a rat I could no longer interact with it, also I couldn’t even select it to move or kill it, don’t know if it still is like that, but just something to be aware of :slight_smile:

Try to feed honey even it is not on the list. In my case it worked with a hyena :slight_smile:

I already submitted a post about this. It’s suppose to be interactable I believe. So it’s likely a bug.

Is the rodent another dead slot in follower limit, like the cat?

Also, will a cat in the home with a rat chase and attempt to kill it?


I already tested this, and no your own pet cat nor a wild cat (admin spawned) will not attack the rat.
Edit: to answer your other question, as of now the rat just wanders around like the cat and does no attacks.


I have a small tavern so put it in the basement.
It seemed appropriate.


When I placed my first rat, it happened to take off on a beeline for the darfari camp near my base in such a way that I assumed it was programmed to do so. Curious, I followed it…extremely slowly… to see why it was headed straight for this npc camp. Years of gaming had me expecting that this rat was some kind of heat-seeking plague missile and I was quickly disappointed to see the rat stop short of the camp and make a dumb rat face.


Gratitude for all of your hard work rat catching.
This is, at least, amusing.
This one hopes this means cheese will be added to the recipe list soon.


Coming up: Conan: Age of bubonic Plague !

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Hello Exiles


Pixelcave has released a video about Rat Pets on You Tube, great information check it out!


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