REALM OF SEASONS (EU / PVP / Gathering 2x / XP 1x / Discord / Ruleset / Fresh March 1st 2019)

New Cycle started on March 1st 2019
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Server Type: PvP
Gathering: 2x
XP: 1x
Crafting: 1x
PvP: 24/7 (except lvl 30+ against < lv. 30)
Raiding: 24/7, but limited to house rules
Wipes: Seasons instead of clean wipes (see below)

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House Rules:

Our private server runs with the system of ‘ Seasons ‘. This is our attempt to try to solve a few of the ‘catch-22’s’ of Conan Exiles in a fun way.

One of these ‘catch-22’s’ is the problem of on the one hand needing strife and war to keep things exciting while playing, but at the same time nobody wants to start over from scratch all the time; not enough action can drive people away, but constantly having to start over does drive people away as well.

People must have the ability to create something lasting on the server, while also ensuring there is enough action on the server to keep things exciting and fun!

Many servers solve this by having set schedules for clean wipes (3 months is common), but we think doing it differently is way more fun!

So we have come up with a system of Seasons that works as follows:

  • Normal server state is called ‘ Season of Reflection ‘ and runs for 3 months, always starting again at the 1st. All normal server rules apply.
  • Then comes the ‘Season of Reaving’, which lasts half a month, where the stricter rules on PvP and Raiding get lifted, the Avatars (Gods) get enabled and the server plummets into all out chaos and destruction.
  • When the Gods return to their slumber and everyone needs to mend their wounds the ‘Season of Mending’ arrived for half a month. No Raiding allowed, the Avatars get disabled again and people can rebuild in preparation for the new cycle when the new ‘Season of Reflection’ dawns again at the 1st of the next month.

The system is governed by a set of house rules (download link is not allowed on these forums), which every player must be familiar with if their wish to play on Realm of Seasons , in order to have a good foundation for the type of gameplay we envision on our server.

War Declarations:

For players who wish to have a more hardcore, no rules attached, experience we also feature a War Dec (Declaration of War) system in our house rules that enable Clans to WarDec eachother and -when accepted- they can wage war unrestricted and normal server rules for Raiding do not apply anymore without having to wait for the new ‘Season of Reaving’.

Clans who would like to make use of the WarDec system MUST join our Discord server.


Griefing is NOT allowed; Griefing is defined as continuous harassment of a player with the aim to spoil their enjoyment of the game or to enforce your views on gameplay outside of the server rules upon another player.

To target a player or clan more than 5 times in quick succession without any valid reason is considered griefing; you will be removed from the server.

ex: Cyriac kills Ros. Then proceeds to specifically hunt down Ros again after his respawn, kills Ros again and repeats. Don’t be like Cyriac. It gets you banned.

Conan Exiles relies on PvP and strife to make sure playing the game remains exciting, but nobody likes to start over all the time or get targeted constantly even though they pose no threat anymore. Be mindful and show good sportsmanship, this way we’ll keep server population healthy and foster a ‘play hard but fair’ mentality that everyone will benefit from.

Building structures within 10 foundation squares of another player’s buildings is considered griefing. Give everyone some room. There is enough to be had.

Players above level 30 killing players who are below level 30 while in the Southern Realm (see map) is considered griefing unless there is mutual consent.

For a more complete listing of house rules, please review our server rules document.
You are expected to have read, understood and abide by this complete document once your start playing on our server.
You can download the latest version here:

We hope you join us!

Even though the server started in the middle of the month we are now at Season of Reflection.
The first cycle will start on the 1st of March proper.

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We are slowly growing! Still looking for more players!

With the coming of March we have now kicked off our first full cycle!

Current season: Season of Reflection
Next season: Season of Reaving (starting June 1st)

Come and join us to build something lasting and tell stories of reaving!

Still room for more people.