Realm Of The Enlightened 18+ RP/PVP/ERP

Realm of the Enlightened is a tight but small community building up their towns/villages where they setup trade between one another creating RP or creating adventures with one another fighting against the evil forces that have taken hold of the land. You can build up your own story or continue your existing character from other servers. We have an impact just as much as any great clan, be it a home, family, an empire, trading as a small nomad travelling and telling tales, to having a loving village maybe have a drink at the player made inns and taverns, or kneel to the great empires seeking power for themselves with goals yet unknown, our lore is loosely based on conan’s lore with high fantasy, but we are nothing but a blank canvas, and you are the artist, come join and show us your masterpiece.
Bring your buddies and take up land!

We have:
Beginner Kits
High EXP rate
Relaxed to little building rules
Great Community!
High fantasy
Northern Player Hub
Trading Encouraged
RP Focused
Clan Roles
Claim Land/Expand Land
Create/Form Alliances
Darkwoods map expansion mod
No drop on death, no corpse left in the world and 0.1 on hunger /thirst

Modlist: Steam Workshop::Realm Of The Enlightened