Recently relaeased patch has no patch notes

Patch released on 1.29.2019 has no patch notes posted any where .

Do you have any mods installed? There was a very minor Hotfix released a few days ago for the 23.01.2019 PC Hotfix. That note was added in the comments for the previous Hotfix.

I got the same thing, but it was for every game I have installed on Steam, and they were all 0kb installs. So that’s probably what it was.

Bottom line, there wasn’t a patch released on the 29th, a few days ago yes, but not the 29th.

according to our admins our server even received an 83mb update a couple hours ago
but okay…

And no mods shows an update today so i guess my pc just downloaded 83 megs for conan for no reason

I also received about a 150mb update 5 hours ago. No clue what it was?

Hey there,

We did not release any patch or hotfix yesterday. :slight_smile:


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