Recruiting for eu server isle of siptah!

Hi there, I’m not sure if this is the best place to do this but I’m looking for some strong players to come and join the clan. I’m currently basically a solo player I have 1 friend I met on the original conan but he doesnt play much, so I need number for raids and defence.

I have been raided today while I was moving bases from my start up base to a new treetop base because its the most hidden area I could find on the Isle. The new map is not made for solo play.

I’m still learning about the new map it’s my third day. I have 2 berserkers 1 for me and my friend, 2 horses and most of the tables, had all of them but the rest was damaged or blown up after raid.

Not generally aggressive on this game but I did want to be more aggressive this time so anyone that is good at raiding and willing to teach.

Previous alphas are very welcome. I dont have much right now but I’m building up. I am doing vaults and fighting 3 skulls with my thrall.

I have got a lot better at fighting. If I have the weapons I like and decent armour I can do well but there are some new weapons on here that seem op I have been 1 tapped off my horse multiple times, there is a spear that is very powerful and seems to drain your stamina.

Anyway I look forward to hearing from you and possibly learning some new skills from you and taking over the server hopefully.
I am friendly with one of the bigger clans but there seems to be a couple of enemy’s of a big clan.

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