Recruiting official pvp server PS4 3597 n 3552

We are alpha on official pvp server 3552 and we are trying to build up on official pvp server 3597. Few players went inactive were looking for mature active players with mics. You can be new or a veteran and we will power level you to level 60 as well. Message Danbowie on PSN if interested I don’t check messages on here


Is it eu and were players from?

Players BEWARE! Server 3552 is toxic as hell and is not a good place to have a good gaming experience! The reason they are recruiting so hard is because they can’t keep anyone in the server due to their behavior. The “Alpha” clan(s) practice bully tactics that make the server miserable. The server has extreme lag during PVP times due to the massive amount of land claim the clans have used up already. It’s hard to find a clear path through the map as most tributaries have been blocked up. If you are unfortunate enough to be asked to join an alliance with the alpha clans, it is a ploy to infiltrate your clan and have your base raided numerous times. If you enjoy this type of warfare, then this server is for you. Personally, I would love nothing more than to see an Alpha Killer come on this server and wipe these bastards out! THEY DESERVE IT!