Recruiting to destroy the "alphas" that plague the server, official pvp PC EU

hey, so pretty much everyone is getting destroyed by a 5man organized group and the server will be dead in a few weeks if something isnt done! we need experienced players that want to to be the new alpha and knock them down from thier high horse, they are pretty much bullying anyone until they leave the server, i want to build a great clan that will try to be dominant but not bully lows so the server have a chance to grow so there is people left to raid

if you are interested send me a message and we can talk.

PC pvp offical server.

Are you on Xbox? And is it official? I’m looking for a group and a bit of a fight!

sorry forgott to include, its official pc

Why not just join us instead of wasting time on making another clan from scratch?

its not from scratch, we are 4 people atm, but we going to need more members

So, which server?