Recruits needed on Official Server 6152

Hello fellow exiles. This may be my first post but I’m certainly not new to the game. I’ve been playing religiously since it was free for a month on PS4 and eventually took over some official servers with the help of my crew. I’ve recently made the switch to PC to play the new map and I love it.

We are a clan of 5 but only 3 of us are veteran players. We have been cranking out steel fire since day 1 and upgraded to tier 3 day 2 but our lack of numbers and experienced players has us falling behind the largest clans.

We are all pretty chill. Zero toxicity. We are very committed to reaching the top but we still just play for fun so we don’t take it too seriously.

All that being said are there any fellow players out there that would like to join us in our adventure? You won’t regret it.

Need a way for people to contact you. I made a char and shouted out.

Sorry about that should have posted my discord. I had to work today.

My discord is denimchicken#9937.

I’m on right now

Sent you a friend request my man