Red Mother has stair issues

Game mode: Online Private PVP/Official PVP
Problem: Red Mother will glitch into the stairs mesh and cannot be harvested if killed.
Region: US

A couple of times now, when fighting the Red Mother, if you drag her to the first stairs to get out of corruption area, she will glitch and get stuck in the mesh if you let her de-aggro and try to return to her spawn area. Once killed, the body is in the mesh, and cannot be harvested.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go to Unnamed City
  2. Aggro Red Mother out of the corruption area on to stairs.
  3. back off to get thrall unstuck from mesh.
  4. Red Mother de-aggros and glitches thru the stair mesh when returning “home”.

If you leave the area and come back she usually returns to the surface. Old problem, I tend to drag her out to one side and stay on the sand to avoid it.

Tried that. she was stubborn as hell, and just stayed stuck. The problem was she got caught in the AI loop of return home after de-aggro. Even when i aggro ed her again, she could not get out of the stairs. I felt sorry for her, so i still cheese killed her. But she got the last laugh, her body was under stairs and i could not loot or harvest :confused:

Hey @WhatMightHaveBeen, although this is a known issue we’ll be sure to poke the developers in its regard.



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