Reduced zoom-out bug, reproducible, no fix

Sometimes, zoom-out will be stuck at maximum/2 (or less). There is no fix short of relogging; the /reloadui command doesn’t fix it.

Cause: zoom in (wheel up) to 1st person; max zoom out is now reduced to about 50% previous. This can be repeated over and over, reducing by roughly 50% each time, eventually making you unable to zoom out at all.

No Fix: log out, char-select or exit-game, is the only way to resolve it.

I almost never use 1st person. It only happens when I accidentally zoom in further than I intended. But, having to quit the game to fix it is highly annoying.

From what I remember, this is caused by running the game at a resolution higher than 1080p or wider than 16:9, neither of which SWL officially supports.