Zooming the camera all the way out sometimes makes chat unclickable

Like the title says. If you zoom the camera out to max, any chat tabs will become unclickable and you won’t be able to right click on player names to get the menu. If you zoom in even one tick of the mouse wheel, everything becomes clickable again.

I always play at max zoom and haven’t encountered this. :confused:

I get this a lot. It doesn’t always happen, but I never knew what caused it. Right when I posted this I just played around and figured it out. With the camera at full zoom I couldn’t click any chat tabs. I zoomed in one notch on my mouse wheel and I could. I just moved the camera around to all different zoom levels and I could replicate it 100%. It also doesn’t happen all the time. I just logged in now and I can’t get it to happen. But probably one in 10 logins it happens. :woman_shrugging: