Unable to click on anything in game

After upgrading to Patron status before Christmas, I started having this problem where I would not be able to click on items in a window that pops up in the game. I would usually find it when I couldnt access inventory items. So far, after relogging a time or two, I would get the ability to click back. Today after relogging four times, I can’t do anything. And it’s so bad that in order to exit the game, I have to kill the process. Is there somebody that can tell me what I need to do to be able to click in the game? Do other Patrons have this same problem?

I don’t remember ever having this problem in game. I had something similar in Windows when something invisible blocked it so I had to find culprit and kill it. But I’m not really sure if your problem is anyhow similar. Do you have stand-alone client or steam? Any apps with game overlays that you may try to turn off? Maybe repair game? (patcher > options > repair)

I don’t have anything else running and it the entire screen, not just one area that I can’t click on. I was able to login and click last night but I didn’t do anything different. I have a stand alone client. I will try to repair the game and see if that helps. Thanks for the suggestion!