Difficulties with clicking

Recently I had to do a full reinstall of the game, and since then there’s been a problem. Sometimes when I’m clicking on items in my inventory, or agents in my collection, there’s no reaction. I will be trying to put items either equipped or from my inventory into either the marketplace or for upgrading, or send agents on missions - but they don’t respond to the click and aren’t moveable or applicable.

It won’t happen to all the items or agents - some will still work, but there seems to be no rhyme nor reason as to why some are usable and some aren’t. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does the only solution is a hard restart of the game. It happens across all my characters, and while sometimes when it’s happening a random tooltip will appear as if the mouse is merely misaligned, it doesn’t explain why, for example, one distillate won’t move but the one next to it will.

I’ve done a repair of the data twice. The only mod I have is the Tradeutils for banking, and other than not changing the mouse focus to the pricing tab after selecting an item, it’s acting as well as it did before the reinstall.

My main concern is that it’s occasional, because it makes it harder to narrow down what the problem is and what might be causing it. Has anyone experienced this before? Does anyone have any tips or tricks to try and figure out why sometimes most of my inventories on every character just doesn’t function?

Thank you in advance.

Hello Bienkowski. We may have a fix for the issue you’re seeing but I’ll need some more information first. Can you please clarify which operating system you’re using and can you please describe what issue prompted you to reinstall the game?

I’ve had a similar issue with my mouse, turns out it was the mouse dieing. Replaced the mouse and all was well. I don’t know if this is your issue, but try a different mouse.

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Windows 10, and my old hard drive died so I had to download the game again on the new drive.

Also, it’s very unlikely to be the mouse, as it’s less than 3 months old.

Thanks for clarifying that for me :slight_smile: Please try navigating to the installation folder and locate ClientPatcher.exe. Select that file and right-click it, then select Properties. Click the Compatibility tab, then click Change high DPI settings. Click the first check box under Program DPI, then click OK, then apply the change in Properties and click OK. Let me know if this helps.

Thank you for the response! I’ve done all that, and will check again after downtime.

Just logged in. No problems with agents, but when fighting both buttons would occasionally stop having an effect. Also, the items are randomly unclickable still.

So that didn’t fix the problem.

I’m sorry to hear that didn’t help. As that is the case we’ll need you to go to funcom.com/help and submit an email support ticket with Tech selected for the ticket type. We’ll be able to troubleshoot further with you over email.