Clicking out of chat

Can we have an option in menu to enable any click to take us out of chat and into combat? A few times I have been chatting and when being attacked I have had to escape out of chat, then close things down before being able to use skills to fight. Nearly died because of this

TSW/SWL chat system is from Age of Conan… yea, that old.
If they werent able to give us customizable chat colors, I doubt they cant do this either. If they can, its 2000 Aurums.


It’s not the chat itself that would need modification. By “any click” i assume you mean the mouse, as the keyboard would have severe consequences for typing at all. As it is right now, if your mouse is in reticle mode, then any click will actually drop you into combat. The issue is when your mouse is in mouse mode. During this mode you don’t want the chat to deactivate when you click, or you would never be able to click anything in the chat. What you currently need to do is click the mouse, this brings you out of typing mode, but not mouse mode. Then you move your character like normal, to get out of mouse mode.

I am honestly not sure how they should be able to do this any differently. That said i feel you, i have often been mid typing and in mild panic unable to get out of chat. Prolly more related to the mild panic though, as my first instinct is to move and type asdawsdaw in chat instead.

One wish i could have, that doesnt work right now, is the ability to change into mouse mode AFTER you already entered the chat. Otherwise if you wanna click something, you have to leave the active chat, go into mouse mode, and jump back into the chat.

Yes there is definitely mild panic there and maybe is more difficult with the way game has separate mode to enable mouse clicks on screen. Maybe I just have to get better at it, 6 years of using mouse for moving and clicking skills will take a while to unlearn. I am still forever right clicking to turn camera before moving or to view things.

I had the same problem for a while when swtiching from TSW to SWL, but for me this combat is much more intuitive, always held down right mouse key during combat in TSW too. As such the switch was easier for me … however trying to control my char in TSW now hurts my soul lol. Spend 10 min to figure out how to move my cam … then once i work that in somewhat, it takes me a good 10min to figure out how to release my camera into mouse mode >.> … cough … you know … 10 min to remember i should just let go of the right click lol

lol you made me smile, I am not alone. I thought I had glitched after dying in golem fight and no mouse to click on… yes please res me. It was after I had been kicked out and relogged my character I had that light bulb moment that said… you idiot, why did you not just click alt to get mouse.

I have never ever accidentally sent someone a tell that said qqwwwee554545545454qeeeeee.

Of cause you havent xD