TSW combat optional

I’m simply not a fan of the reticle/Tera type game play. Pls make it optional like in old TSW implemented. Optional, no more and less!

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Oh my. Resurrecting a 3 year old request I see.

Instructions for how to switch back to TSW are on the info panel of the launcher.


I don’t much like reticle either, it most often just doesn’t want to function properly, even if the mobs and bosses are right in front of you. You aren’t alone with that dislike.

Well, while they are in the mood for fixing things and changing things that are 3 years old, perhaps they might want to re-address this issue also.

Options are good, the more options the better. Can’t really be a bad thing.
More options & choice, means more people are happy.

(You can safely ignore the previous comment which is non-constructive to your concern, You can also flag it as off topic, inappropriate or spam if you so desire, because nobody should be discouraging anyone to not play this game :smiley: )

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I would imagine the problem with this particular option, would be pvp, as much as ppl dont use it. Its also No easy addition, everything in the game was made to work with the reticle, they would have to redo the entire game and somehow make the two work beside eachother.

As much as one may or may not like the reticle it’s here to stay for better or worse.

Depending on what you want from the game TSW isnt a bad option, if you want what TSW cant offer then you likely either gotta get used to the reticle or have to do without

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The reticle is janky because it’s a weird half-measure but tab targeting is an unintuitive mechanic that only ever existed because figuring out what a character was looking at in real time was too much of a performance hit in the earliest mmos :v:

I think where you’re wrong here is when you’re calling it an issue. It’s a choice they made, not a mistake that stayed in because they didn’t have the time to fix it.
The rebalance is there to address issues, and there are more of those to fix (like on the deeps side of things). The reticle, whether people like it or not, is not an issue.
Now, adding options wouldn’t be bad, but it would indeed mean remaking the combat system from almost scratch again.

Allow me to help with your thinking.

“While they are in the mood for fixing things and changing things that are 3 years old, perhaps they might want to re-address this issue also.”

. … as in . . . “Let us look at this choice again”

So not an issue as in “This is a major issue! A game breaking problem! Fix now!”

More, “This is the issue that is being discussed”, because the OP opened up the discussion by creating the topic “TSW combat optional” - obviously this refers to TSW’s style of choice with the option of Tab Target or reticle overlay. Having the same here in SWL wouldn’t be a bad thing.
This is my opinion.

Options are good, i like options. Limitations are bad.

After all, In SWL at present - I can tab target a defensive target, I should be able to do the same for an offensive target. It has already been talked about in Agartha recently that tab target method or option is still in game, it’s just disabled.

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Especially since the current development is focused on balance, I don’t see them putting programming time back into something which they already removed to unify a fundamental way in which players interact with the game. From what I understand it’s one of those, 'yes, we hear your concerns, and they have already been considered, but a decision was made," things.

It could change as much as anything has a chance of changing, but I wouldn’t expect that one to come back in this iteration of the game.

Balancing is the rule and not the exception. Obviously they don’t want to attract new players, they just want to manage the old players, if you like. Actually, there are many TSW players and all the others who have mastered tab targeting and want nothing more than to enable as an option. As I said, it’s all just a matter of opinion. Take care.

Although I can’t stand tab targeting, it would be cool to have both options.

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It’s time to fix it. After more than 3 years it can’t hurt to combine all the available options. I don’t want to raise the dead, me and my friends would love to play SWL but not more or less than the original could. Activate “T” and your headache is gone. Or play your console and that’s fine. Each to his own.

100 % approval. Indispensable for PvP. If PvP is desired. Also in PvE there are advantages. Thanks for your comment. :slight_smile:

This is called PvP. Welcome to reality. Console is for kids ) Not serious :slight_smile:

The T option was a bit different on TSW. It wouldn’t let me use A and D to turn like SWL does. I tried using it.

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You got it. I assume that you are a PvP player yourself. I miss all the Fusang and ED/SH fights. Such a beautiful game, please the original, not the copy here (SB only)

Sure it was not perfect but it was possible to implement both worlds. Here there is no option at all! Good or bad.

Actually i’m not super into PvP. I enjoy killing my friends in any setting, but that’s about as competitive as i get.

Also I am way happier with the current combat than tab targeting. Tab targeting nearly made me turn around at the door when i tried out TSW, but the ability to at least walk out of some of the hurt made me give it a chance. Also i hated, HATED, having to tab target onto new targets. As for having a hard time hitting a particular target, aside from some special very odd cases, for me it’s just part of the combat. As for odd cases, like hitting something that is almost behind you, I would much rather see this looked at, then them ever introducing tab targeting again, even if just as an option.

SWL was primarily designed for consoles and players who were familiar with ESO and favored the reticle target combat system. There’s no shame in considering another option, especially when the players are missing. For you nothing would change. Only more players would join the game.

And what i was saying earlier is that having the option can pose a problem with for instance PvP. Having the ability to lock onto someone and stay on them, changes that game drastically, nvm the huge amount of work it would take to implement it at all.

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