Tab targeting system

Dear Funcom team,

Once upon a time, someone (let’s call him Joel) announced the players of a MMO (let’s call it TSW) a great news: the game would now have an optional reticle targeting system. Joel even told it was a demand of the community, despite the fact many players were hearing about that for the very first time.
Time passed since then, TSW disappeared (and Joel too I think).
Now, there’s a MMO called SWL, which looks like TSW a lot, and offers reticle targeting as default. But the community wasn’t truly happy, it felt like the people were missing something. Probably an optional tab targeting system…

So, would it be possible to have tab targeting system back please ? I’m sure you still have the code to enable it. Also, why are you telling no already ? What’s the issue ?


Tab targeting has it’s uses, i would like to see it put back into the game for sure, won’t bother to list them as i’m sure many others will. :upside_down_face:


The OPTION to have an OPTIONAL targetting system can’t be a bad thing and opens up the enjoyment of play to more people.
It’s not like it takes anything away from those who prefer reticle.

+1 for the option from me, Krumpy.

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I would prefer a target lock, but hey… can’t have everything :stuck_out_tongue:

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I appreciate the sentiment of this post, if not the approach. Having a tab targeting option would be nice, and would probably open up some currently closed doors. I’m not sure if Hell Fallen is ever making it into SWL, but if it did, trying to track who to impair on HF3, and especially HF6 would be a disaster without tab targeting.

Maybe it has more to do with loss aversion than anything, but it’s just one more of the things we had the choice to be able to do in TSW that hasn’t made it into SWL. That said, I am still enjoying the rebalance greatly, and am glad we got that over tab targeting.

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CTRL + Tab lets you cycle between the nearest friendlies around you within a certain radius; there is also an addon available on Curse that changes that functionality to target the nearest person with the lowest HP. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for, but it exists.


Krumpf is referring to tab targeting for enemies. As far as allies go, I think the F keys or the scroll wheel are perfectly fine options for healing/ally targeting purposes.


Yeah, i have bound my TAB key to target nearest friendly. 1 press of a key is better than two keys, in a raid i can use the f1 etc keys. I play by keyboard so mouse play and scrolling through targets just feels less efficient for me.

Krumpy is referring to targetting enemies via the TAB key which used to cycle through enemies in front of you.

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Maybe TAB aint in, because then you can kite easier?
I mean, I did whole lotta group content solo in TSW with kiting… not forgotting Fusang Leeching :smiley:


The beatings you’re giving this dead horse should be punishable as animal cruelty.

Also, the reticle targeting system we have is perfect. Observe how the targeting system notices that I’m not looking dead center at the nasty woman in front of me, but at the big toe of the handsome guy standing behind her! Surely, this must be the work of some the most advanced algorithms the industry has to offer.


Its so because targeting system is smart. It targets higher risk target.
Woman is shooting pots and pans behind you, while dude is peppering you.

tsk tsk :laughing:


Not just that, but

TSW is still here :slight_smile:
I wouldn’t even say lurking in the shadows, just not out front yelling loudly to raise attention. Not disappeared at all.
Joel is a more difficult question, there was something about he is on Dune now? It was long time ago though…

Here, but in a coma ^^’

It’s nice to see some people would be interested to get tab targeting in-game, even only as an option. I’m betting we’re actually more expecting that than they were wanting the reticle targeting in tsw :smiley:
Yes, tsw “evolved” into a arpg, but it lost a part of it soul when that happened, I’m sure the original game designers felt that too. Troll version: we went from a game which had some kind of finesse in fights to a brainless button mashers one. (I said troll version heh!)
To those who played tsw a lot, do you think a dungeon such as HF would be doable with reticle targeting ? Picture HF6, how possible would it be for a tank to deal with the impairs while trying to survive the Oni trio attacks ? Of course, one could say the dps could handle the impairs… but which tank would trust a dps with such crucial task ? :wink:
I believe getting tab targeting to be a first step, a step to retrieve our beloved dungeons: Fac, HF & SH (I’ve started SWL like 2,5 months ago, and almost everyday I hear people missing those dungeons). I’m not quoting MFA/MFB, their mechanism rely on the now deceased aegis system (grinding to upgrade aegis has been replaced by grinding to upgrade legendary gear - FC always loved to make players grind endlessly through their games)

Is there any FC guy reading this thread ? You probably can’t tell tab targeting is coming back “soon”, or give us any official word; but it would be nice to explain why not. Tab targeting - even as an option - could also bring back players who left the game 3 years ago

\_o< quack!

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This doesn’t sound very true :v:

The reticle is kind of janky (probably because the engine was originally designed for tab targeting and tab targeting is bad) but the solution to that is “fix the reticle”. I can think of one fight where it’s an active hindrance but the solution to both that and “the mechanics of unreleased fight X won’t work without tab targeting” is to make the mechanics of the fight better (which they’d have to do anyway if tab targeting was brought back as an option).

Tab targeting is archaic and counterintuitive and it should be consigned to the dustbin of history, not held up as some kind of ideal system for literally no reason other than “I’m used to that and refuse to move with the times”.


Fixed that for you.


I can think of three.
EDIT: And other occasions non dungeon related.

Do other popular more recent MMOs use tab-targeting? I’m just wondering which way market forces are heading, outside of our little nostalgic bubble?

I actually couldn’t tell you, i don’t play any other game lol

I play D3 on a regular basis, but that doesn’t have any targeting to speak of :wink:

Played PoE and Grim Dawn before, but can’t remember the style.

Mashing buttons and/or clicking on things to simulate the simple act of “aiming” is the polar opposite of “user friendly” lol

And sure, it’s relaxing times in an old mmo where you just target a dude and auto attack him for twenty minutes to earn ten copper pieces while typing in chat or whatever but in a game where you actually have to do stuff? Nah.

What are we talking about here exactly and how exaggerated are your complaints? Because people have been running every dungeon with the reticle for years now and I can’t think of any fights people complain about, except maybe the bridge in ankh if you refuse to look up for some reason :v:

For the record, the fight I was thinking of was Security Five in DA but my stance on that is “fix it so the adds don’t stand inside the boss” and not “add in a control scheme that we’ll describe as ‘optional’ even though it clearly isn’t since one of the major arguments for its inclusion was ‘it’s the only way to make this fight work’”.