Healing target selection bug

Mouse scrolling doesnt work, to choose a target to heal in my group. So the only way I have to select a target is to use F1, F2…
I found a method to stop this bug, strangely, it works when I change my game resolution, but I don’t really enjoy having a game in 4/3, with my 16/9 screen…
Thanks for reading me, and sorry for my bad english.

I wish it was an issue with the scrolling itself, but I tried to emulate the Mouse scroll onto two Keys, for up and down. Same thing happens. It stalls despite everyone being in range.

Direct targeting always work though. What i ended up doing, was to turn two Keys, on the side of my Mouse, into toggle Keys. Then i bound QWASD to players 1-5. One toggle work my group, the other work the 2nd group.

Personally not comfy reaching for F1-5 on my keyboard, but any Keys can work, as long as they replace a Direct target and not the scrolling.

Mayor drawback to what i do, is that i cant move while holding a toggle key, but the change is fast and it has yet to kill me.

Yes, this is a pain. The mousewheel does not work if you have anything in your target. So if you turn a bit, it works again. But this is not a solution if the situation needs a fast reaction.

Have this issue too. But only on one of my characters and not the whole account. Even weirder.

I also found another bug.

There is no Target-of-target feature at all.

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Not sure that counts as a bug, but it would certainly be nice to have.

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Correct. It is no bug, it didn’t work right from the start.

Been reporting that in the suggestions category and have been complaining about that since I tried playing my healer from TSW in SWL. In various ways. Have been told sometimes that “there is no longer the need (in event healing) to target a single player” because healing mechanics have changed since TSW and I should get used to it. Yeah, sorry, for wanting to heal the person who currently has the aggro and isn’t currently in my group ffs.

Target of hostile target isn’t a nice to have, I see it as vital. I feel very helpless when I’m in a raid and someone not from my group gets hit and I desperately smash tab, hope noone else stands in my line of sight and I get to heal the poor guy before he drops dead. Yeah, I was also told to “simply ignore it then”. That’s just sad. Same in events. Aggro switches are normal and the logical solution would be, that I switch my healing target, too.

Edit: Heard about some targetting mods, still have to try them out. But in all honesty, it should work from the game itself.

Know there were some to deal with the fact, that you couldnt scroll through your raid group, but that has been changed…

As mentioned earlier my solution was keybinding rather extra Mouse Keys, rather than mods

Hmm, I’ll try again in the next event Megaboss summon then or some Lair. Didn’t work for me last time (max 2 weeks ago).

No worries, I didn’t get you wrong. I bound the tab to switch through my def targets and regarding the scroll bug, it works on my healer for a normal group, so luckily no additional keys to press for me. I am really bad at pressing a large amount of different buttons under time pressure, so binding up to ten target keys would be horror xD aside from that I always look into the controls and see what can be done.