Hello, Started playing again recently I have a pretty bad issue maybe a bug

So tonight was fighting with a friend and i’m playing a doc and my team window stopped updating Hit points i log out then back in fixes for a sec then it starts doing it again.
Friend said it happens to him also and"usually" open and closing fixes it. But that don’t work for me.

Being a Doc this really sucks.

Win 10
Graphics drivers current, 970

Need any other info let me know, Not sure what causing or how to reproduce.


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There’s been a bug with the health bars pretty much from the beginning of AO that sometimes the bar stops shoving correct health. It can be fixed on the fly by targeting the team mate you think is bugged and pressing “t”.

I’m not 100% sure if this is the bug that you’re experiencing or if there’s something else going on. But for me the above mentioned bug happens so often that it became a routine for me to constantly target my tank and hit “t” just to make sure the health bar shows the correct value.


Awesome thanks, next time it happens i’ll try it

That’s happened to me on several occasions and using the Target/T method has worked nearly 100% of the time. As Aeliniyah mentioned, it has become almost routine to Target/T my tank every time I notice his health bar not moving.

Yeah this is a pretty bad bug, would love this to get fixed if possible.

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This issue is not exclusive to Docs. I have also recently noticed this phenomenon while playing my Shade.