Controller style menu selection issues

Frequently the rotational scrolling pointer does not select the desired item requiring the player to swing it around and come back to the desired menu item. Very frustrating when trying to rapidly select menu items. Simply point and click is much faster overall. Suggest returning this to a options when a game controller is selected as an input option.


Agree with this, please provide an option for the old system, many times in the heat of battle I’ll select the wrong item and calamity ensues.

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I find it incredibly frustrating being a controller user playing PC that the mouse pointer just no longer exists. Having to use a system that puts me at a complete disadvantage is something I would like a choice in, much like youre suggesting in this post. Thank you for pointing this out. To be clear, even if this new method gets fixed for controllers I would still be happier being able to use the mouse pointer (at least as an option). Testing out AoW Ch4 felt very tedious due to this.

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I am happy to tell you that after today’s update of the beta, the mouse is in view even while using a controller. Thank you, Funcom.

This is not true, I just checked and the mouse cursor is still not visible, looks like this will not be fixed

Strange, after it failed twice for me (invisible mouse), there was an update to the beta. I downloaded the new patch and both times on two separate days it has functioned correctly (with mouse showing in the menus while controller was selected input). Maybe there’s something in particular that breaks it? I use an Xbox controller for my inputs. Did you use the same?

We’re probably talking about two different things, what I am talking about is the removal of the cursor when you bring up the radial menu, you have to ‘spin’ the mouse to select a menu item now where as before you could just point and click on what you want. Like the OP described.

This feels awkward, it doesn’t always select the right item and it feels janky

Funcom I don’t play this game with a controller, though I appreciate your efforts to push this to more console players it should not be done at the expense of PC players that have been playing this way for years. Add options its not that hard.

You’re correct. We were talking about different things. I meant the actual mouse cursor, as stated as another issue that arose at the same time within in the beta. OP brought this up in another post that wasn’t responded to and closed. I wanted to let OP know that they did fix the bug they have posted about- the one I specified earlier in this post. My apologies for the confusion. Regardless, a clean fix of the radial cursor issue described here would be welcomed by all, since it hits us all equally.

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