Target lock for NPC and beasts only

TLDR; Please create a server setting to allow target lock for NPCs/monsters and Players seperately!

A discussion has been had in our server community for quite a long time.
One part on the subject argues that target lock is easily exploitable in PVP and makes it unbalanced, encouraging one form of meta - while another part argues that disabling target lock to avoid exploiting, in turn encourages a different meta.
Honestly - it’s irrelevant what argued meta belongs to which, and wether or not target lock does or does not allow exploits in high ping or laggy fights, is also not very interesting to me.

What both sides thankfully agree on, is that (at least in our high RP, low PVP community), a way to enable target lock for everything non-player, while keeping target lock for PVP disabled, would solve the issue and keep both sides happy.

I beg you pleeeease to find some way to implement this as a server setting.
and i appreciate any bump or reply to bring it to funcom’s attention.
Currently, my main passtime aside from RP and how i keep myself entertained between encounters, is glorious slaughter and the satisfying PVE combat i used to have before our server community voted to disable target lock to avoid dying to a meta from a high-ping player.
It has honestly ruined all enjoyment of PVE combat for me, as daggers,javelins and sword animations now often make my character miss or hit the “side” of an enemy, and my character skates past in the animation. The whole feel of PVE without target lock also changes, and forward-motioning attacks where your character dashes with the attack, are left feeling incredibly janky as your character no longer seems to be in a dynamic fight, but rather i “see” the cylindrical collision boxes of my character and an enemy hit eachother and “glide” off eachothers circular collision radius and continue in a straight line after.
I love Conan, with my 7,5k hours it’d be silly to say otherwise,
but please please please create this optional setting, i can’t think of any major problem that would prevent it being done relatively quick, and as it is with optional things, it will not change the game for those who currently prefer to play with target lock either on or off in its entirety.
Thank you


This is a really GREAT idea that would please both sides.


I’d love to see such an option. Both for balance concerns and for better fine tuning of what type of server you are running. And it should be rather simple to implement indeed!

In fact I’d love the option to turn if off client side as well so even when turned on I can deactivate it for myself to stop the bug from happening where you target lock when switching between first and third person view.

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A very good suggestion. I feel that this would, IF implemented, benefit all kinds of servers. The lock-on-target for daggers, along with latency issues, can sometimes create really unfair situations during PVP (along with other weapon classes having their own issues in this field).

On the other hand it is a good way to enjoy the game while indulging in some PVE. This would make it possible so that people, who enjoy both of these very different play styles can do so without effecting each others’ game-play.

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I could get on board with this change. I will have to admit that I play on a pc with a keyboard and mouse so target locking is not as much of an issue as it with controller users.

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It’s a pretty good idea to be honest, there are a lot of RP servers on Conan and I’m sure some of them would like to use this.

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