Don’t get rid of lock on

Some pvp players and content creators are trying to make a push to remove lock on witch is a very bad idea

This game is both pvp and pve and if they remove lock on how are pvpers supposed to do the pve aspect of things such as kill thralls\npc’s for farming

Not saying it’s impossible to kill npc’s without lock on it’s just more tedious and lock on shows the skill gap between pvpers with the pvpers who don’t rely on lock on always dominating those who do.

This is just my two cents

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I don’t believe lock on is going anywhere. However I’m in that rare camp that believes it should for both PVP as well as PVE reasons.

For those of us using Mouse and Keyboard, I’ve found that lock-on is a crutch that hurts the player using it more than it helps. In the short run, sure it helps get some hits, especially on NPCs that move around quite a bit.

But in the long run, where its not as useful, it hurts those players who have come to rely on it. Especially when using weapons and fighting foes where you need to aim ahead to ensure a hit as well as times where you need to be able to move in a specific direction to aim an attack or dodge.

Those who prefer to use target lock in PVE are very much better off learning to fight without it. You all would be surprised at what you’re actually capable of.

Again this kinda assumes mouse and keyboard. Admittedly controllers have their limitations.


The only outcome that would ever happen is to have auto target disabled on official pvp (already a check for it). Even that is unlikely but it wouldnt affect other servers if they did.


We have more serious problems than yours in consoles. After Siptah release the lock on does not focus on one target and it changes randomly targets. If 3 npcs will come forward, then the lock on will jump randomly from npc to npc and that is really bad, so the only way to use lock on is on 1v1. I am really happy I didn’t learn the game with this feature even if it existed from the beginning! The worst part now is that your attacks are swifting targets even without lock on, especially in mace and sword which is no good at all!! I see my toon a lot of times to turn to it’s back and hit and I am wtf!!?
It feels like the battle has something like auto help and I don’t like it at all. Do you think I did something wrong with my settings @Taemien, I would really appreciate your help in this. I really wish I did something wrong and it’s not the games mechanics!

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I don’t know how much you can fix this on your end. This sound similar to the bug I’ve seen where if I go to first person and zoom out, that it randomly targets someone with target lock.

The only fix I’ve found is to turn off target lock in the server settings.

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no surprise a console player is beggin for target lock to remain.

it should be removed on pc officials.


I dunno… I play PC with mouse and KB… about 75% PvE and 25% PvP and I think it’s a viable tool which should remain available on official servers.

  • I use mostly with truncheon & shield. it keeps my character from batting at the air 40% of the time - also leaving me vulnerable with my back or side unprotected.
  • It’s useful in PvP when learning a new weapon. It’s like having training wheels. It helps you get up and going with a new weapon type but after you know how, it gets in the way more than it’s useful.
  • It doesn’t cause any OP or unfair conditions.
  • It forces health bars to render on the selected target which is very useful in several situations!
  • It’s extremely useful for people both on PC and Console, who prefer using a controller.

Not sure why they would consider disabling it on officials. It would be a shame if they did.

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Yeah I don’t fully get the motivation of people who want it gone from officials. They’re usually hardcore private pvp server players so it doesn’t affect them anyway? I can accept some of them genuinely want the game to be more skill-based. But I think some of them just want it gone so that when they come to official servers it favours their playstyle more.

I think officials should cater to casuals and new players as well, and not favour anything. Grind, skill or time sink.


Dont have anything with playstyle to do. I dont see using a lock on for a playstyle either. The reason is just that there is no need for it. You dont need lock on. Lock on is just a stupid mechanic that makes it possible for people that dont wanna learn how to PVP and fight properly be able to fight with those people who actually put their time to get better at fighting. Lock on should not exist on a PVP server where you actually should need some skill to get somewhere.

I really dont get the motivation why it NOT should be removed. It’s just a bad mechanic for the game.

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LOL… in the very same paragraph you claim Target Lock has nothing to do with playstyles and then describe it as a playstyle you just don’t happen to like.

Hehehehe… :smiley:

I dont consider pressing a button and spam attack as a playstyle even if it may be a playstyle. But in my eyes no. It’s just an mechanic that would be considered as a cheat in other games/genres FPS or not. For me playstyle is more complex than pressing a button and spam attack.

OK, but that’s just complicating the definition. And it’s a complication which just happens to favor your playstyle.

“Playstyle” only means the style or one of the styles in which you play the game. That could include complete pacifism, only killing monsters but not anything considered a natural animal. Only collecting things and building bases. Fighting only with iron weapons and resetting your character every 30 days. Playing on a server that does monthly wipes. Fighting using only target lock. Fighting never using target lock. Using Target Lock to learn the weapon and then not using it after you’re educated (that one is me). etc. etc. etc.

Kinda true. But you can also have different playstyles in PVP wich how you fight, are u a thinker, defensive player, aggressive player (wich is me) and so on. And with auto lock im talking overall in how it should exist in PVP or not. And in PVP I dont consider targetlock as a playstyle, since you can still be an defensive, aggressive or whatever player even if you use target lock or not. So for me it target lock not includes in playstyle, it’s just an mechanic that helps you (in a lazy way) to play your playstyle. It’s not more complicated just because of this.

Hehe, you realize that you just did it again right?

Yes, exactly. It’s just not a playstyle (or a playstyle mechanic) you happen to like. Others do. Not too many do because it’s not very useful after you get good with the weapons you’ve chosen to use. And that’s why IMO people like you don’t need to worry about it. :wink:

So “mechanic” “HELPS” means playstyle? You could have the same playstyle without target lock. Target lock just helps you aim. Aim is not a playstyle either. Aimer tho, can be a playstyle. But that’s without a mechanic that is making the dirty work for you. Do you consider players that using aim hack using a aim hack playstyle?

It’s absolutly usefull when you dont need to aim with daggers for example. You can just target lock and spam it, dodge sometime and that’s it.

And “Using Target Lock to learn the weapon and then not using it after you’re educated (that one is me).” Is probably the most stupid thing i ever read. Learning a weapon you dont need target lock for. It’s just an bad excuse to use it.

An element of it, sure…

Probably not, no.

Oh, you haven’t used it? No. It changes the way your character moves all together. It makes so that you are always facing the target. Only head-on damage is delivered. Avoiding attacks or blocking becomes an entirely different endeavor. Using TL in a rapid on-off is yet another technique that changes things up.

If they do that against a player like you who knows their weaponry then they’re gonna die real quick tho.

If you say so…

Yes. You can. Tell me a reason why you shouldnt?

An element, okey fine. But it’s not the playstyle.

I’ve tested it yes. But never used it on a regular basis. And it changes the way you move ok, so? “It makes you always facing the target” wich also helps you aim. You can still take away the target lock and then activate it again to dodge and so on. But sounds a bit complicated for some of the people here thats not even able to aim by themselfs.

You think? Probably since I know how to adapt to garbage players but it would be harder than usual. But in a 2v1 scenario, I would probably die alot faster than if they didnt used it. That’s why the debate is going on about daggers nerf and target lock should get removed.

Yes I say so. Since that’s the way I did it. And it worked great.

Target lock is just for lazy people. If target lock wasnt good in PVP people would not use it. Just thing is it’s mostly bad players that uses it against better.

So you’re not willing to allow new players a leg up? An aid to fight or defend themselves from pro players like you? Seems a little elitist.

Lazy people shouldn’t be allowed to play Conan Exiles?

Sorry everybody… uninstall your games - you don’t meet Dorpie’s definition of a “real player” - you didn’t do it his way and you’re no longer welcome. Really?

The only weapon that q lock even benefits in pvp is daggers. every other weapon is better to aim yourself.

q lock dagger meta is an extremely boring and talentless meta that’s lasted way too long. I don’t believe in nerfing weapons because we all saw what happened to spear nerfed 3-4 times. Just remove q lock from official and its all good :smiley:

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Just keep target lock as it is and it’s all good. No need to remove it. It’s useful in some ways on all weapons!

I think they need to add it to the trebuchet! Hell yeah!

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