Remove Target Lock?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t care
  • Keep it for bows only (controller players)

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Gonna bump this once.

No, because as someone who messed up his right wrist last year i need target lock for situations to keep up with the turn and camera speed, take target lock away and I’m screwed for turning my own head at a decent rate, target lock makes me not have to strain my wrists so much every single fight

I would have to choose remove it for Bows.

Don’t care about any other weapon, hate what it’s done to bows ruins archery IMO.

Maybe make it so it doesn’t work in PVP? but let it still function in PVE?
(except for bows remove it totally for bows)

And I’m not speaking as a PVPer who is butt-hurt from being pwned by an archer, I’m speaking as a PVP archer who thinks target lock is detrimental to the skill set that archery should require.
Archery should be a fun skill to master not a kite fest.


I have seen a console PvP video. The people literally just ran at each other with bow equipped and put target lock on and spammed light shots :smiley:


I would vote for the same. Remove it only from bows.

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This is a weird subject, because I want it removed for the exact different reason pretty much everyone else does.

It is a handicap (that’s right, it makes you worse in a fight than not using it) disguised as a benefit. People get used to it and then develop some really bad habits. And then we get posts in threads saying they need this or that because the content is too tough. There is no content in Conan that is too tough, turn that junk off, get some practice in, and watch how you won’t even use a thrall for anything anymore as they only get in the way.

As for physical issues. I have wrist issues too. Target lock is probably hurting you there.


I would say no because the learning curve is steeper. But, for instance, I’m a decent CoD and Battlefield player and both have completely different systems, CoD having a sort of slowing motion and BF having lock as long as the target is inside the reticle. Both have pros and cons. Best players tend to turn it off or prefer just a slowing down when you hoover above the target, a soft lock in ways. My honest opinion? Just make it optional.

I only clicked target lock on once or twice and never after. It felt like my character became so slow when it was on and I couldn’t stand it.

That being said, I wouldn’t want it removed beside it sounds like a lot of players use it?

I beleive that target lock should either be removed from the game or atleast from the PC version of the game just in case it would ruin console game play too much.

You are not a pwned one. You could pop the eye out of a Rhino (back when they were 2-shot player killers, all) from 1500 meters.

Target Lock is the second worst thing to happen to CE.


What was the first? Removal of 24/7 raiding?

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I don’t know what @Barnes considers #1 worst.

But to me it was the removal of 24/7 raiding because of my play schedule prohibiting me from playing in the raid window most of the time. Making me vulnerable and without recourse.

I think there should have been a better method of raid protection implemented, something that made raiding difficult. Not just narrowing the time it is possible.


Yes, Please. All the above and more!

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Remove. Aim bot doesn’t belong in this game. Also remove the auto facing setting. it’s basically the same as target lock.


If they remove facing though they should remove sliding round a body as well (not stopping when hitting a body while moving), body block is diminished in this instance. The attack animations also for some attacks on some weapons also allow too much protection from retaliatory attacks. These animations and weapon attacks are too safe compaired to others.

Target Lock is pretty bad indeed especially when it auto-locks when you switch from 1st person to 3rd person. It is really annoying. Luckily for me, it is a server setting that can be easily disabled.

Even as a console player (where you would assume more people use it) I very rarely thought that I lost to target lock, so I don’t really see the issue.

It’s not even good if you use it all the time, you have to time when to toggle it on and off. If I was forced to chose between no target lock and target lock you couldn’t turn off, I’d absolutely chose no auto lock.

I never see anyone saying “I do too well with target lock, it’s too easy for me to pwn”. It’s always people claiming the other side would never have done so good without target lock.

For me it’s the same as keyboard+mouse players complaining about controller having aim-assist. If you really think it’s that superior, then switch to controller, but since you don’t switch you obviously don’t really think it’s superior.

It’s just an excuse when loosing.

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