Remove target-lock for bow

Huge dmg do the bow in close range, you can destroy the best pvp player in conan exiles, bow requires no skill, just good bow, arrows, 50 accuary and BUM, 50% health out with light hits
Light shots have too much speed, or dmg

But is too easy fail shots without marking (not always)
Should the target-lock option be disabled? Balanced? Only target NPC?
Tell me your opinions

I highly doubt anyone is getting any sort of hits in PVE or PVP with target lock. With bow or otherwise.

I dont understand you, people dont get hit byany weapon using target-lock?

Not if they’re moving and dodging they don’t. I’ve always found target lock to be a handicap.

In melee weaponsbut, did you ever met the archery bot guy? Going back and targeting you with light hits?

You can actually enjoy with this?
(Columbus just try this, not a toxic player)

Ya, I use a mouse. There’s no reason to use target lock. Controllers kinda need it due to the wonkiness of their analog sticks. But even then I -think- you can mess with sensitivity and get a decent response from them that no longer requires it.

Video shows a decent controller user using a bow, which in itself is impressive. But I think what you’re seeing is a bunch of users not knowing how to deal with a bow user because bows are such garbage on console due to how hard it is to use them on a controller.

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A shield or the great axe block counters it.

Remove it in general. So people learn how to fight.

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Pretty counter, not enough, i can hit in legs or head anyway if you only block

Anyone running towards a bowmen with ground to cover, is going to find it painful, it’s a bow!
A long range weapon. At range, it should be dangerous.

Also, the guy in the video doesn’t seem to be using target lock? (correct me if I’m wrong)

I play on a PS4, so I can’t imagine NOT using a target lock for a bow, because the joypad controls can be proper janky. Especially if you have been playing for a while, since the camera seems to drift off-centre and the only way you can fix it is to re-log.

Even then , most of the time, it locks onto rabbits or insects or single-cell organisms or virtually anything but what you want it to lock onto half the time.

Long time, and I mean really long time in game archer here.
I never use target lock with a bow, if you get close enough to me that target lock would even work, I switch to a melee weapon. I didn’t let people get that close.

I am of the opinion that archery took a major down hill turn just before launch.
It did need a damage buff because it was weak then, it didn’t need all the other crap like bouncy arrows and target lock.

It was better when it was hold, aim and release. No power shot no fancy arrows, just skill and bullseye other players from farther away than they could run in the time it took to fell them.

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Good point actually, the target lock range is pretty low.

It didn’t go downhill, its just that melee went crazy with all the combos they added. Though they did that weird 3-shot combo for a little while that was dumb and I’m glad it was removed.

The current shot mechanics I think are fine though. I do enjoy the power shot. But I do agree the arrow bouncing thing needs to be replaced.

I did say it was my “opinion”, and it did cause me to take a break from the game until it was retooled.
but you are entitled to a differing opinion. :slight_smile:

I didn’t really state my opinion. They literally didn’t change the values at all on Archery from Beta to Launch (they were changed nearly a year later). But melee got modifiers to their damage on combos.

I don’t remember it that way, Originally archery was similar to the archery in Skyrim, Hold right mouse to aim, tap left to fire.

Shortly before launch after the combat revamp, it was changed to include a power shot and right mouse hold was removed. I have been an Archer since the first day of Early Access.

And I laterally took a break from the game shortly after launch because of this change.
@Barnes You knew me pre-launch, do you remember this, or am I going crazy?

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I don’t know from Skyrim, but before archery became a “sidearm,” we had three choices. Quick Shot (LMB), Power Shot (RMB) and Charged Power Shot (RMB hold). We did not have a gleam or a bonus modifier, and if I recall you could hold your bow ready-to-fire for about a half a day.

See I don’t remember a “power shot” back then. maybe I am going crazy?
I did take a break after launch didn’t I? I don’t want to go back to the loony bin. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya, On ps4, there 2 setting for aiming, one for bow aim on its own is handy.

I use Target lock up close, since distance aim and close up vary so wildy. (and fact the game can dip fps…) so you wiff shots up close.

Target lock easy way to make them shots count. Target locks useless at range, since it wont kick in anyway. XD

Most of my PVP with bows, if there rolling and moving. there hard to hit with controller. And you need to be so blasted close for target lock kick in.

You kinda have to decide if you want distance or short range. Shirt range, you need it up’d abit, so you can aim and look quickly up close. Which leaves range aimming super janky were slight tap of right stick cause you to be 5m off target. =/

You did indeed take a break. It didn’t zoom as neatly, but it did help you get your shot lined up. If you simply tapped RMB it would let loose with a (modestly) increased damage value.