Remove target-lock for bow

I only ever posted in this thread to say I think a ranged weapon should BE a ranged weapon.
And target lock at such a short distance was ludicrous for archery.

But I had to wax nostalgic for the archery configuration I enjoyed in EA and things go akimbo.

Calling for buffs or nerfs based solely on how an item/style performs in an “arena” style server is hasty at best.

However, I personally do find the experience there to be a useful data point in discussions about PvP meta as a whole. This is similar to an argument that we have had here on the forums before:

My greatest takeaway then was that the roll → instant full charge power shot was the big offender. Has this bug fix not made a big change in the bows damage potential? I also still maintain that knockdown might be too powerful on bows (in PvP), and that’s as someone who has only ever used bows in CE.

In regards to auto-lock and bows, it is countered by shields as you have to free aim to hit heads or feet - as shown in the video you posted. It is also pretty useless when horses are added to the mix. I think “walk-down” archery is less of a problem in non-organized PvP as it is far more gank heavy and usually lopsided in terms of numbers, at least in my experience.

Ok I did some homework and found the Dev Stream dated 2 February 2018 Showcasing the changes to Combat including the disaster that befell Archery. Launch was 8 May 2018. So I am not crazy. :slight_smile:

Or a least my memory isn’t wrong

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