PvP servers disable target lock (vote!)

Autolock in PvP server would be off. In private pvp servers, always is off. or almost off against players…

As Sample: You can enable target autolock target and geared with bestial claws only clic 1 button… clic clic clic , heal, clic clic clic

No skill, no pvp, only clic…

Please vote LIKE IT if you want disable autotarget lock

I don’t play pvp, but I play with it disabled always because it forces my camera view down and down almost making you face the ground with each blow of weapon you make. I find it very very annoying when I have tried it, I end up looking at the ground and unable to see the surroundings, which is bad when you face multiple enemies and cannot study and plan in advance where more enemies are coming from until they are right on you. So yes, please disable or just get rid of itall together!.

As mentioned elsewhere it can also be used to bypass low visibility conditions such as sandstorms and the dark of night.

Additionally enemies can also track you if you’re tagged by them via damage because your health bar becomes visible. This like Target Lock allows them to see your exact location but also where you are behind cover. So if you ran around a corner they could track your location with your health bar.

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