PVP EXPLOIT-How to instantly target an enemy

Hey all,

Spent the last 3 days pvping one clan on a community server. 1v1, 2v1, 3v1 sometimes 4v1 these guys would literally one tap 4 people in a row. We watched them on video and figured out they could immediately spin 180 degrees and heavy attack. So we figured it out and here it is.

Download auto hotkey and set your autolock to z or what ever you like, just change that character in your script and the game settings. Then BAM with a little practice you too can spin and instantly spike someone balls off.

$RButton:: ;
Send {z}
Sleep, 10
Send {RButton}
Sleep, 30
Send [z]


< sarcasm >
Remove target lock. Problem solved.
< / sarcasm >


It’s not really one-tapping though, is it? I mean we’ve all been caught with our tassets down in Encumbrance Build, but it’s more a stunlock/deadquick thing. Like before you can deploy a meal or potion.

whats the difference of just simply pressing Autolock (default : q ) yourself when you have 3 ppl around?

and please do not remove auto lock, it’s a great feature so far, but needs some fixing still

you do not need to press it by yourself 3rd party soft will do - and it’s legal (?) now

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Let it be said you know there are many ways to counter this move. As mostly solo it doesn’t bother me. If I would face down a duo or pack of people with this tactic, even if they are unskilled or weekend warriors, I will lose. And being dishonorable they will take my gear. Not a terribly fun environment for engagement, but I’m used to keeping a lower profile anyway. :slight_smile:

I play many games with lock-on that have solved this problem. Funcom should turn off autolock for PVP Officials until a solution is found. It took Rockstar more than 6 weeks to make the second-to-last lock glitch go away. This is one secondary reason why I prefer free aim lobbies.

Target locking is not the exploit… The exploit in this case is the macroing with AutoHotKey.

It makes no sense to come here to the forums and ask for nerfs to game mechanics just because people are macroing the game.

I use target locking switch all the time* when I’m fighting outnumbered against multiple oponents… the game would be MUCH worse than it is without it.

(*) And I mean legit… no macroing. I bound my camera lock key to mouse wheel click so I can quickly switch it on/off while I’m moving in a messy fight.

Calm down guy. OP said nothing about removing auto target, that was me and was meant as sarcasm. I should have noted that in the post I guess but let’s take a breather and not jump down peoples throats, ok.

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This can be done with keyboards as well. Effectively a hardware issue with no real solution.

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Well yeah… sorry, it’s an expected reaction… (and I wasn’t necesarily reacting to your post either lol) because it’s a sensitive issue, since the most common Funcom reaction seems to be to destroy the fun of the game to cater to PvP whining lately. Better to speak up now than to lament later, IMO.

Yeah agreed… other games institute some kind of global cooldown on sending inputs, in that way even if you macro, you wont be able to do anything quicker than the GCD permits. I really hope this game has something like that…

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