Refresh Button, PLEASE ADD

How is it this game still does not have a refresh button for server loading? It’s ridiculous i have to keep exiting out of the client to refresh the ping as that’s faster than waiting for all servers to load. Seriously Funcom? It is such a basic function ffs.


Not only that, but I uncheck the “show private servers” and it shows them anyway. I waited until I finally got the refresh button and tried it again and it still showed them all. Your web team needs to step it up please.

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I use the drop down box to filter by officials if I’m looking for them. Its worked thusfar.

Agreed it does work that way, but it is not a saved feature either. My point is why have boxes you can check and uncheck that do not work? It is just sloppy web design.

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This only hides the password protected servers.

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Good to know. Its amazing that you can play a game for five years and still be learning new things, thank you.

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They had it and they removed it. apparently they broke that one as well :sweat_smile:

The refresh button is there. It is available after the list finishes populating. It helps to select a filter quicky (e.g favourites) before the list begins populating. In addition, direct connect is always available to use in the high ping situations.

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