Initial Log In Ping Issues... What can I do?

So ever since they got rid of the refresh button for the server list, it takes me 5ish reboots of the game to play.

Load it up once… Ping 155 on all servers and that is locked in. No way to refresh.

Close the game… Load it up again. Ping 146. No way to refresh.

Rinse, repeat, finally I’ll get a ping of like 33 and I can play.

Is there ANY way to refresh my ping status WITHOUT closing the game fully a bunch of times?

If you get the high ping thing, just wait it out, then after 5-10min the refresh button will appear, i think its linked to the anti flood/ ddos attack thing.

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Sorry you’re having the problem, Super. The lack of the refresh button is probably due to the fact that the selection has not polled all of the available servers, which IIRC exceed 7000 across the world. As NOR said, you could wait it out, but that takes too long.

Instead of restarting the game, simply return to the main menu and hit online again, and the process will start over. It takes but a few seconds and may solve at least this part of the problem.

Good luck !



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If and when you get the high ping, 0 players, your solution wont solve it, you have to dc your internet or wait it out.

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