Regarding the Hunt event rewards

These recipes are not being saved as Ancestral Knowledge. I need someone in staff to confirm please if this is by design so I can tell if I’m gonna bother doing any of the 60+ cycles of boss killing required to get the items.

Thank you.


Oh snap! that would definitely change things, if its not ancestral knowledge then it needs to be a permanent addition to the game not a limited time thing.

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I assumed we would buy the recipe and then have it saved in ancestral knowledge. We then create the item at a bench for some standard materials.

Are you saying when we buy say the light armor chest for 1000 claws we hust get 1 item?

We die and lose it and we have to regrind another 1000 claws?

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What they are saying is that if you are on server #1 and you unlock the recipe then only the character on server #1 can use that recipe and not on server #2 or server #3 like battlepass items. This is like journey item recipes except that it is a time limited event (source?) so if your server shuts down or you want to move you will never have that recipe again.


I could understand the grind required if it was a permanent reward but if it is indeed meant to not be ancestral knowledge, I’m just unsubscribing from the event.

An event item should only be exclusive to the server you get the item on, just like recipes.

It’s not a Battlepass or a Bazaar item and therefore shouldn’t be in Ancestral Knowledge.

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ok… why?

That’s how recipes work in Conan.

The recipes you learn from playing the game on both official maps and the events within them are specific to the server you learn them on.

The Event is free content, therefore they are treated like normal recipes.

Paid Content like the BattlePass and Bazaar are purchased and therefore are account wide.

That’s not a “should”, that’s a “is”.

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This was something i was wondering as well. If they are just for the one server that’s it for me. The rewards are fairly useless anyways, the regalia is the only interesting thing and i don’t know if i feel like grinding day and night for it. You would think that completing the hunt once you’d get enough fangs to buy even something, but no. I’ll kick the panther’s rear end as long as i care to and see what i can buy, surely not gonna go through the whole process for a handful.

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