Sacred Hunt: Which one of you has collected all the recipes?


Nice that there was now a new update! In fact, I think it’s a sad thing that the Sacred Hunt was removed as a result for now.
I haven’t been able to play as often as I wanted in the last few weeks - and now I’m unfortunately embarrassed and unable to collect all the recipes on the official server where I play regularly.

Are some people here feeling the same way? Which of you managed to collect all the recipes on one official server - or maybe even on several?

@ Funcom: Will we have another opportunity to collect the recipes from the last Sacred Hunt again in a future hunt?

I wish you all a wonderful evening and a nice Bounty Hunting! :wave: cya


I have them all. It was definitely time consuming and way easier with Teleportation in the game.

I definitely am better at combat because of it. Totally changed combat for me. I no longer feel like I have to wear heavy armor anymore.

I wish Funcom announced that it was ending. Would have liked to use the few hundred fangs that I have remaining.

Yes, I also assumed that the Sacred Hunt would stay until the end of Chapter IV of AoW and was surprised that it ended today. I kept the coming weekend free to get the remaining missing recipes on the official server where I play regularly … In a few months I and a few other players might have the chance again. :sweat_smile:


Farmed around 1000 fangs, then i uninstalled. Not wasting my time with this ever again. :rofl:
I hope Funcom will improve their “live service” content.

I got everything on both my main servers (official PvE EL and Siptah). However, I skipped the hyena and bear on Siptah. Just didn’t care enough to get either one as they’re weak and I hate pets (and the bug with decay timers on materials wasn’t worth waiting for the second time after doing it already on EL). But yeah, I managed to binge all recipes for both servers, so I’m happy.

I got everything in BOTH Siptah and exiles 2 werewolfs in BOTH server and 1 chest of bears in BOTH too

Managed to get everything for my EL character but then i was too busy for a few weeks and never got to farm the event for my IoS character.
I guess i have to wait for the next Sacred Hunt now…

There’s gotta be a better way to make money than a full time job!

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