Reinstall requires a new character?

Had to reinstall the game and now I have to create a new character on all servers I played.

A few days before I visited one of the servers I havent played on for weeks, everything was still in place, now I start at the character creation menu.

I’ve uninstalled the game several times (on a failed attempt to reduce loading time from chests previews and such), and never had that issue you mention. Even local game stays on he PS4 (I upload it to the cloud via PS+ anyway, just in case).

On servers, as a general rule, whatever you do locally should have no impact. You didn’t mention your platform, so I’ll answer for PC (since that’s what I know best).

On PC, if this happens across multiple servers, it suggests that your Steam ID has somehow changed. Either by you using a different account, or in some other fashion.

I believe there is a parameter you can set on the shortcut when starting CE that can impact this, but I haven’t messed with it personally so I can’t tell you exactly what it is. You’ll know best if this is at all relevant to you.

thanks for the answers.

I will check out the servers if my buildings still exists and then contact the admins.

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