[PC] I have 2 Characters Somehow?

I set up a private server for myself and 3 other friends to play on, and I’ve run into the same really strange issue for the second time in my time playing Conan.

When I download all of the server files and get everything set up, I create a character and hop onto the server to test and make sure everything is working before I get everybody in. After a certain amount of time, I am no longer able to use this character; upon joining the server, it prompts me to make a new one. The first time it happened, I thought something had gone wonky with the server files or something and it deleted the old one. No biggie, I hadn’t done anything on it.

The major problem lies in what happens later on. After a certain amount of time playing on the new character (usually a pretty substantial amount of time), the game decides it wants to put me back on my original test character, and it logs me into it on every subsequent server join. I’ve not been able to go back to the far-along character in either situation.

I run the server on the same machine that I play on if that has any bearing, and we connect to one another using a virtual LAN network via Hamachi – I feel this may be the cause of the issue somehow, but I’m not able to figure out why or how to fix it.

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