Release patch released for servers?

So I patched my server at around 03:00, and logged in. I found that I now had access to my early edition special armor and weapon. The force field is still covering jungle and volcano though. So I’m guessing they’ll do a small patch at 13:00 just to remove the force field? My question is, can we start playing now? Or do we have to wipe the server again for that tiny patch that will remove the force fields (for stability)?

@Community anyone know? :slight_smile:

Which platform are you running on?

Sorry, for PC :slight_smile:

Just popped the disc in my playstation 14gb download is this the patch?

Ah I could patch the server again now, and now the forcefield is gone! Happy launch day! <3

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Yay! Glad to hear it. :tada: Thank you!

(also, I’m moving this to Support since it was more about help rather than advertising a server)

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