Reminder Missing Purge Bar 4K/German localization

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Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: [German]
Resolution: [4K]

Dear Funcom Team,
I was asked some Months ago, not to “spam” this issue. I did so.
But much time passed by, several fixes came out and it is still not done.
I am sorry when I behave a bit like a pain in the a…
This issue makes it complete impossible, to estimate the state of the purge bar.
I can change the Resolution to Normal, then play the game and see a bit of the purge bar, what means it is there. But it cannot be the Workaround to have to change the system settings and reconfigure the gui in conan as well only to have a look at the purge bar-
So please, dear team forgive me, but I urgent ask, even beg that you take a look in this really annoying behaviour. The link above documents how it looks like.

Thank you very much and stay healthy

Yours sincerely

@Hint to the developers: I am Pretty shure, the Problem is related to the description
“Füllt sich die Säuberungsanzeige bis zur Linie, spawnen Säuberungen”
This needs 2 lines. In english version, this is only one line and there is no problem. I am pretty sure this is the cause.
Make the line shorter, so that it fits in one line
“Erreicht der Balken die Linie, spawnen Säuberungen”
should work as easiest fix. You can also use the english text in worst case. Better then not to have it is every solution.
Of course the smoothest solution would be to take care, that the bar and the description never overlap, under no circumstances independent on how many lines the description needs. The second line obviously causes the bar to be overlapped by the description field, so becoming invisible. This solution would work language Independent. As this problem did not exist before the decembre update, I think here was something changed accidently (UI reconfigured ?). And the bar is only hidden partial in normal Resolution.

PS4 has the same issue…

And it looks like there can be 2 different texts. One is the bad one, where you dont see the purge bar and then you have shorter one, which is fine.

“Früher oder später ereilt dich die Säuberung” works fine.

I couldnt find a screenshot with the other text, but yesterday it was the bugged one for me. I didnt see the purge progress…

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You are right, I remember one day when I saw this also and the purge bar was there. this is the old text, that was there before the decembre patch. it seems in the moment there are 2 different Texts, and the second, new long text hides the bar. you can see this short (fraction of a second) when you switch through the tab (to perks and then back). The purge bar flashes a fraction of a second before it is hidden.

Maybe the Problem is because there are 2 different Texts, where one needs more then a line. But with all These informations the developers should have a good chance, to eliminate the Problem without much investigating/reproducing

“Früher oder später ereilt dich die Säuberung”
this text should be used consequently on both places!

Hope really hard this will be fixed very soon.

Please, relay this additional info to the developeres as it might really help to figure out what the Problem is without spending much time.

Hi @ZevLexx, thank you for bringing this up, it’s fine if you do so while allowing a reasonable amount of time to pass, however, please understand that, although we’re able pass any feedback we get to the team, this won’t guarantee that the issue will be tackled any sooner.

We can also confirm that it’s still in queue, so it will likely be addressed in a future patch.

Thank you very much for making clear.

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