Remove Focus Altar PS5 SP Server

I have put a focus altar down in my SP server - new to the game and wanted to see what it was. how do i remove it pls?

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Do you mean a coffer? Have not made one myself yet if it is on foundations you should be able to destroy them and it will be removed. @HellgirlNZ

Aren’t focus altars those Siptah things with which you trigger a Surge?

If that’s what you mean, how did you put one down, HellgirlNZ? But since it’s your SP game, you could temporarily make yourself an admin, and erase the thing that way, I guess.

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focus altar - it determines what the maelstrom spawns.

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i was playing as admin and spawned one to see what it was. i placed it for the same reason and it gives me a prompt that it cant be picked up?
and i was still as admin. ive tried everything to delete it.

It’s not meant to be BUILT or PLACED in the game. It would seem you’ve found a bug that can’t be undone because of the nature of the item. It’s exclusive to the leyshrines and ONLY the leyshrines. The fact that you’ve placed one makes it go against its intended purpose. If you can’t remove it, even in admin mode, you’re pretty much screwed. You either have to leave it there or wipe your game and start fresh.

If you don’t know enough about the game and what you can and can’t build or place, i strongly recommend you try playing on a server and getting a feel for the game’s intended mechanics… or avoid using the admin panel as much as possible. It can be an addicting mode and can become abused in the long run. I only use single player admin for planning my builds for online official. When i do that, it’s fine because i know what i can build and what i can’t. I won’t use items I can’t use.

On PC we can Shift+Delete, I don’t know if you have an equivalent on consoles.

Otherwise, with admin commands:

“BuildingIdentify” then “BuildingDestroy” comes to mind, but if you placed that thing on foundations the foundations will be destroyed together with it, all of them.

If you placed this in your base, this method deletes the entire base :slight_smile:

If you placed the Focus Altar in an isolated area, then there is hope :+1:

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No such thing that I’m aware of on consoles. I’ve never seen any options, but then again, I’ve never played with a keyboard plugged in. It’s POSSIBLE… but idk… that just depends if Funcom left in some coding and assets from PC. I’ve seen this on a couple games, but most are modified ports designed for consoles. The ones that do leave them in are typically just lazy ports and coding.

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Digging a little, I found out that there used to be an issue where people could (accidentally or intentionally) admin-delete these altars (as well as some other in-world crafting stations such as the Frost Smithy) from the world, and they could not be replaced. Maybe whatever checks Funcom put into place to prevent this also prevents admin-spawned altars from being blown up.

I suspect that thing isn’t meant to be placeable even in admin mode.

Well, it repairs with obsidian.

This one must experiment.
Good catch.

Turned on player buildings can be damaged, going to try feeding it to Yog.
It was not delicious

Edit: casting Magma Wave on it crashed this one’s system.

Bombs seem useless…
Perhaps build and trigger a purge?

Will try again after reformatting

you guys are amazing - thank you so much for trying to help me with this. I realised too late it wasnt just a decoration - but I still thought id be able to remove it - I mean if it can be placed, i felt it was reasonable to believe it could also be removed, certainly as Admin. I tried damaging it also, as i saw it could be repaired when i thought to check if id done any damage. bombs, weapons only - i didnt spawn an avatar though! i also thought to trigger a purge - perhaps i will do that - is the theory that it decays after this? once again, thanks, ill let you know how i get on.

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In your server settings enable pvp, enable structure damage and no ownership. Then quit and restart. Use acid arrows and explosive arrows and it’s done! If however you have placed it on a foundation, just remove the foundation.

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