Remove the "Must Be Placed on Walkable Floor" message

“Must Be Placed on Walkable Floor”

I remember when this error check did not exist. And things worked reasonably fine.
Then it was implemented. And it worked… kind of okay.

But now?

This error check is seriously bugged. I’m not sure what causes it, but after awhile you get this error no matter where you try to place a thrall.

Just remove the “Must Be Placed on Walkable Floor” function from the game.
I don’t know what purpose it was supposed to serve. But right now, it’s way more of a hindrance than a help. I really can’t see why this function exists in its current form.


Indeed I remember when it came, I think it was an anti PVP measure like all other annoying bugs we have because of pvp.

Yea I too would like table top dancing in my pubs and clubs too but tables aren’t walkable floors.

My big issue with it right now it due to the way the official servers are bugging out.

By evening, the server is so bugged that both thralls and NPCs won’t move anymore. And the entire map becomes one big unwalkable floor. You can’t place your thralls until after server restart.

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One of many reasons why I no longer play on official servers

I just want to move my polar bear out of the desert heat back to my base in H-11. Can’t due to the walkable floor issue

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Can you rescue Polar Bear or is that not working? Just remember to remove valuable items.

Yep. I parked him in the snow a few hours ago. Not at my base yet as it’s still copping the walkable floor bug, but at least he’s out of the desert heat and highlighted, so I know where he’s parked when the bug is fixed

What annoys me most about this bug is that i can’t place a thrall on a certain area of floor in my base, but i can place it on top of the fence next to it.

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I have a dancer on a table. I’m unsure why you’re having this problem. :thinking:

Which table are you using? I have her on the Stygian round table with the scarab.

Perhaps it’s a newer bug. She was placed there several months ago.

Could be a bug on my end or a mod issue but I’m not to fussed about it.
I was trying to use the small round table and the keg tables for my dancing thralls but I get the not walkable floors message.
In the past I had no issues but now it’s being difficult.
I’ve also been trying to get my entertainer thralls to stand on the stone slab and use the new laying down mummy emote so it looks like an embalming/autopsy/sacrificial set up next to sacrificial table but my thralls instead seem to want to stand inside the slab and lay down underneath it.

Hm… haven’t tried the small tables… they always looked too unstable for my RP needs. I don’t see anyone really standing on those small tables. I can say that I tried putting a cat on one and I got the same message. Try the scarab table and see if it works. I know it works for me since I just took that thrall and put her back on it after I leveled her up.

As for the stone slab table, I can’t confirm that issue since I never considered it. Good idea though… if a bit morbid. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Can you build a second floor for the dancer, place a table beneath and remove the floor? The thrall should drop on the table.

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Yes. This is how I drop cats on top of furniture.

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That’s a Creative idea might give it a go.

Please define a walkable floor because its easier to place thralls on a roof than the ground at my base sometimes . lol

Build a floor above the table,then delete the floor she will drop on the table.

It’s great that the game is so incredibly buggy that they have to add sanity checks to their buggy code to try and avoid doing dumb things, but even their sanity checks are hopelessly buggy and just make things worse.

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