Render To Black - Solutions?

I’m sure this has already been officially reported because I think I read a “fixed” in the update log some time ago. But I was just wondering a) what causes it? and b) is there anything I can do client-side to solve it? (as it is still happening for me…)

I guess this is the character going virtually blind via some act of god? :smiley:
Here’s what it looks like for those not in the know:

I have personally never seen this issue before.


Hmmm, Yeah, about 2.5 months ago my clanmate in EL with a 5800X and RTX 2080 (no OC) began having this issue. He reported it. I thought maybe I saw them claim to have fixed it in their change-log notes but maybe not. Then about three weeks ago it started happening to me in IoS (5600X, 2080Ti - slight OC). These screen shots are about the 5th or 6th time it’s happened in those 3 weeks.

No one else has experienced this?

Sorry, I’m with Narelle on this. Never seen it personally, nor do I recall a single bug report about it (and my 2080 ti didn’t have this issue, nor does my new 3080 ti).

The computer tech in me feels like this is an omen to something going on with your hardware. Had you told me you recently did a custom OC on your card and this was a result, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.

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Hi @TeleTesselator

We’ve passed all this information over to the rest of the team for further investigation.

@Narelle @Multigun Thank you for sharing your in game experience as well.


Cool-a-mundo! Yeah the details are that first it happened to my friend in Finland (he was a developer for NewTek as was I, and now he’s developing for OTOY). He reported it to Funcom’s official bug depot at the time. About a week later it happened to me as well as another developer now at Vizrt. (we three are gamer bros) That was 6 weeks ago. Then starting about 2 weeks ago it began happening to me every 10 gameplay hours or so - on average. Thus I began this thread. It hasn’t occurred in the past 3 days since those screenshots were taken on the same day I started this thread. - knock on wood. Nothing noticable seems to be triggering it - it can happen while standing still or moving the camera around - in battle and out.

Don’t you just love unreproduceability! :smiley:

Totally. It’s every dev’s favorite thing. An extremely rare bug with no known repro steps. Best, thing, EVER.

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