Request: Add HP Bar for Thralls to HUD

Quick request here, not sure how difficult it would be. Could we get the HP bars for our active followers added to the HUD? I’m thinking something along the lines of what we get when we’re mounted on a horse, except obviously we would only need to see their HP and not a stamina bar. Having to rely on the overhead HP bars can be unreliable, especially when the game decides it doesn’t want to display them for whatever reason. I’ve lost a few followers because I couldn’t tell they needed to fall back.


As long as its a setting, I would have no problem with it. I like my hud minimal.


I share your opinion. Active thrall health should be displayed somewhere. Unlike the mount, it would only be the HP and no stamina. I hope that this function (also optional, like the HP bar above thrall heads itself) will eventually find its way into the game and that no mod is necessary for it.

Would indeed be nice to have it as a pop-up window you could enable or disable for bigger fights or dangerous areas.

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The mod Hosav’s UI has this option. You can also form groups with other players to see their health as well in a sort of MMORPG style group UI element.

I wouldn’t mind seeing this in the base game itself.

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I’m with @darthphysicist . The less the better. I have a 27" 1440P screen now since last christmas and it was a HUGE difference with mods that shrinked the HUD elements (hotbar, character stats, buffs) when I switched from 23" fullHD.

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