Request: Roll Back Saga


Plz do what u should do as a gaming company and roll back the server. After the maintance there are leftover known bugs in the game. The whole pvp balance is disturbed.

The whole point of the server flew out of the window. If you don’t roll back this will be the last nail in the coffin for the game.

Plz, plz, don’t delete this topic. Give us answers.

ps: plz guys don’t post about exploits in this topic or it’s going to be deleted

Simple soultion to saga problem

Don’t worry, they will do it in Europe prime time again. :rage:


Please dont!!! rollback I quit otherwise. I am not doing same stuff again. I am not willig to be punished and loosing MY time because it was not MY fault. End of Story. Also if i have bought something its not ok to gamble on items again. Luck can and should not be repeated. So dont touch legal purchases. We asked FC in advance: are you rdy? We said take your time! FC said yes and we did trust in you. SO now keep it running and not give us a disadvantage out of it… and I would claim every Cent as money back not just the funcom points.


Reset the whole thing,give a lvl 20 boost to everyone and done :stuck_out_tongue:


Try having it done in yours every time normally?


Alo. At the moment at Saga a lot of ppl with lvl80 skills+aa’s. Poms hitting for 600 MsE damage,Necros with Nightfall lvl80 speccs,DT with VoM,and Sins with DWW+Detonation. Any plan how and when to fix this? People alrdy left srv and quit every minis.

Just before 20secs on HV:

‘’____‘s Mitra’s Searing Eye hits you for 704 holy damage.’’


How hard can it be to check the database for more feature points spend than allowed? And if so remove the obvious exploiters…


So you say you won’t quit and continue playing on Saga while having to fight low level DTs with VoM and Dooming Presence, Barbs with Decap etc.? You really prefer this to a rollback?


they have the best IT specialists under the sun xD


If its a solution on my back I am gone


I wouldn’t be surprised if the solution will be the removal of any additional level caps. Funcom easy mode.


Which would be ok to me the idea of low level pvp appears boring already after 1 week!


Wait… how is that possible? The level cap is at 30 now, right? Where did they get additional feat points?


They can not roll back, read delete, the server even if they wanted to. Well, technically they can, but that would bring up so many financial problems that I bet they do not even think about it.

Take the people who bought boxes, and got lucky with whatever überhigh legendary carrot it is atm (ring? pet? I dont even know). They would loose the items. And everyone who bought the power set or anything at the shop would loose their items, too.

And now imagine what happens if FC trys to compensate those people, or give them their items on Crom or Fury. The might even accidently code Conans wife into the game. Or they might break just…everything.


I think they are fixing each “unfair” character manually ,however this doesn’t make it any less of a farce .For the millionth time they released an unfinished unpolished product ,then added p2w on top > great success


Something went wrong last night,and fc seems unable to fix it (so far). Solution as a lot of peeps said,its to just wipe entire server and restarting it. Dunno what else can fix whole situtation right now,but isn’t good because Saga player’s raging and quiting server. Let’s wait and see/hear news from Dev’s better.


They cant roll back whole server, but they can roll back all players with extra AA and specs to yesterday evening I think.


Guys just a reminder… don’t post about exploits in this topic or it’s going to be deleted

As for people quitting the game it’s normal, the frustration is huge.
I don’t honestly think that the Saga server will survive if they don’t come with a fair fix fast.

The server shouldn’t be up imo, people using known issues in the game to their advantage atm

The fact that the server is still up allowing people running around like this is a bad
indication of their will.


2 hours to hit lvl 18/about 1 minute to get 5 kills, so much progress to lose…

Okay, so the issue is that some idiots spent a stupid amount of money of lottery boxes? Okay, then transfer everyone to Fury and start again on Saga so they don’t lose any of their purchases, and for gods sake disable those lottery boxes until the lvl 80 cap.

Or rollback the server and the chars to 48 hours ago or whenever it was last normal.

Or, continue burying your heads in the sand and ignore the idiocy going on that is going to kill the server in no time.


Ofc exploiters should be (temporarily) banned to show exploiters are not welcome. And ofc no one could say i didnt know to make a 70 build on level 20. Its the right message for future exploiting. But if FC says if some exploit we all are punished whats the message?