Resetting attributes removes Corruption points?

As the title says when resetting the attributes, you lose all your corruption points/soul essences used. That sucks a lot. What is the point then? Do you really need to farm all those soul essences every time you wanna respec from farm spec to fight spec and vice versa ?
Or is there a way around this?

They said you need to commit to sorcery or refarm everything. I wish we could have multiple chars (I am sure it will be exploited but oh, well …)


I always use two accounts, thus two chars, one for fighting, another for farming… The second one stays asleep until I need it. It’s very fast changing users on PS5. Takes like a minute or so.
Probably I’ll have a thrall master now, too, unless my son wants to take that role. :blush:

Yep, think of Corruption Points as further specializing the current spec. So naturally it’s lost when respeccing. Does make things harder for us solos who kinda have to fill all roles ourselves, though.

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There’s a mod that allows you to have up to 99 characters on a server where the mod is installed.

Yep, I know about MultiChar