Resetting Dungeons and Instanced encounters?


My Dregs dungeon is bugged out, doesn;t matter how many times I re-enter, the initial stages (flooding) is completed and the Boss is bugged. I also have a bugged Instance at The Summoning Place, where I destroy the totems but the Bosses shield stays up.

I am on an Official PVE server. Is there any way to reset these Instances?



Wait for a server restart?

The “puzzle” part of the dregs has always bugged out and doesn’t reset as far as I can remember which was a few months of EA.

Haven’t played EL since 3.0 so idk about that boss shield

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Hello there!
On official PvE servers the totems sometimes are invisible.
It took me a while to realize that and destroy all of them to finally burst that shield.


Conan doesn’t have instanced content like world of warcraft or other games :slight_smile:

When you get a dungeon loading screen… that’s just a loading screen like any other you get when using obelisks / teleports except that the section of the map is located somewhere else and not tied into the mainland, but it’s the same as teleporting somewhere essentially.

So all the dungeons etc. are part of the world and shared between all the players, if another player just went and killed your Dregs boss, he won’t be alive for you until he respawns just like any other NPC in the world.

As such, there is no way to reset it on your end. Things either respawn / reset on their own over time or sometimes bug out requiring a server restart

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