Resource Respawn Times

I’ve been looking around and I do not seem to see anything put together yet that give standard respawn times by resource. Anyone have a link to? For example:

Stone, Ironstone, Trees, etc = 15 min
Silver = 90 min
Obsidian =

so and and so forth.

I get as FC updates and does balance passes things can change, but this info would be helpful.

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All resource respawn times should be equal and depend on the server setting. (Harvesting tab)

Unfortunately that just lists the server settings (which I’m aware of) and not the actual respawn times (unless I just can’t find it in there). All resources DO NOT have the same time. Many do, but not all. The default respawn times also may vary when FC does a balance pass. Currently common resources like stone and trees seem to respawn at 15 minutes by default. Silver nodes, on the other hand as example, raspawn after 3 in-game day cycles (90 minutes) which is default. Yes, the times can be accelerated or decelerated within the server settings, but that’s just a scale, it doesn’t show the actual time, which is what I’m looking for (before I end up making my own through trial and error).

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As far as I know they are even random for a given resource. For example, if you harvest a few iron nodes in a row they won’t necessarily respawn in the same order after given default time. At least this was my observation in the past. But it might have changed.

I’ll try to get someone to dig into the devkit for you :slight_smile:

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I can help start the list for official PVP
NPC’s and beasties 15 minutes.
World Bosses Bosses 15 Minutes.
Legendary chests 30 mins.

The resources will vary between the 15 minute and 30 minute (might be an hour on brimstone). but an official pull would be nice for confirmation.

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